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trying to reach that essential plateau of hopeless wonderment associated with achieving the ultimate inspiration...

Whoa. It's been a while, I know. So much is always happening with me and my little fam! And It's hard blogging with one hand around a squirmy baby! Speaking of, that baby is almost FIVE MONTHS OLD!!! I can hardly believe it! And our wedding anniversary is SPEEDING here. Like lightning.

So, not much of an update, but if you'd like a taste of what I've been up to, find me here:

Have a great day!

Just a little picture of what I get every day! I love these two guys :-)

For all those visiting my blog, I now have an Etsy Shop!!! Please stop by to see if anything interests you...I currently have listed lactation cookies in a variety of flavors (homemade by me!) and an herbal sitz bath, but I will soon be expanding to textile products as well as anything else that comes to feel free to make requests or suggestions! The link to my shop is below:

Just a quick update, our little boy was born six weeks ago today on March 6th, 2013 at 8:46pm at WBWC

6 lbs 11oz and 20 in long

For the birth story and other updates, please feel free to visit my mommy blog:

Didn't plan on spending all day today inside, but seeing as how its been snowing/slushing/raining constantly since about 9:30 this morning inside has seemed like a good idea :-) Couple that with some good Chinese food and FINALLY making a cast of my huge belly, I think its a good start to the weekend! Now, if only we can get enough to stick until Tuesday ..after all, my office is already closed Monday, it can take a break tomorrow and resume tomorrow night so hubby can stay home with me Monday too :-)

So, just a quick post/update - I want to wish the whole wide world (including the skeptics, singles, non-believers, conspiracy-theorists, etc) a Happy Valentine's Day!!! We didn't do anything big this year, didn't go shopping, etc, but everyone has a source of love in their lives, even if its not a romantic one. For that we should ALL be grateful.

On another note, I'd like to say HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to my WONDERFUL HUSBAND of not that long hahaha, and let him know that I love and cherish him and our little bean with all my heart.

And the last note - HAPPY 65TH BIRTHDAY TO MY WONDERFUL GRANDMOTHER!!!! She is an absolute shining jewel and I don't know where my family would be without her - which is why I find it CRAZY that she didn't get AT LEAST 11 tokens of love for today, one from each of her much loved children...while I understand not all of them can get her the world, she should get SOMETHING for being the wonderful and supportive woman that she is.

And the best part of my supposedly brief post - a picture of me and my husband, taken at our baby shower for little soon-to-be Jayden James!!! 37 weeks 2 days today - come on out baby!

Okay, have I mentioned yet my newest blog (of same title as post)???!!! NO???? Well, the URL is below...its an ugly work in progress so far (, really) but I think it will become something that if nothing else is entirely useful (to me). I also intend to review and include as many useful baby/family things as possible in it, as well as suggestions, comments, etc about all things that occur to me. Well, the ones that aren't put here first!

Happy reading! don't get me wrong...I get the idea of being frugal, and going for used, inexpensive, maybe even slightly lower quality or higher quantity things in order to stretch our dollars until things are going as planned (which will be realistically up to 5 years from now - after I've gone back to school and acquired 1-2 more degrees, paid of a bit of debt, got a new job, and hopefully weaned 2-3 gorgeous babies...all while my hubby shines at what he does, and possible makes moves toward getting a franchise as well as us looking for a potential home)...can I just say that that was a HUGE run-on sentence and would have made me breathless saying it out loud???

Anyways...WHY IS IS SO HARD to follow through with wanting fewer and less nice things? I'm not even a materialistic person, but when I want something, I only want it just exactly the type and style that I want it. Makes for frugal living (ESPECIALLY while shopping for a new little dude) really REALLY hard.

Just saying. Any thoughts on how this could go better? Any good work from home, or mostly from home methods or companies that have done really well? Because going back to an 8-5 after Jayden is born is ripping my heart out...but we need a larger income to move toward what we want. AND, I want to raise my baby boy, not let him see strangers more than me!!!